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Our Post COVID-19 H&S Assessment and Procedures
Written by Tarlochan Virdi, Director UHBC Ltd, [Revision 14 July 2020]

Health and wellbeing of our team and our clients is our top priority.

To mitigate COVID-19 related risk

We have undertaken following actions before reopening on 15th July 2020.
1. Re-painted all walls and ceilings with washable paint. Repainted all wood work.
2. Removed all soft furnishing and installed new easy to sanitise furniture.
3. Removed all non-essential display items from shelves and removed non-essential equipment from treatment rooms.
4. Removed all reading material (magazines etc) from the clinic.
5. Removed all leaflets/price lists from the display racks and put it behind reception. These will be provided to clients when asked for.
6. Deep cleaned entire premises.

We will also undertake following operational procedures after reopening on 15th July 2020.
1. Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms will NOT be allowed in clinic.
2. ONLY provide pre-booked treatments.
3. Stagger appointments with gaps sufficient for our team to be ready for next client.
4. For body treatments advise clients to take shower before visiting clinic.
5. Take and record client’s temperature on arrival.
6. Take and record client’s contact details.
7. Clients to wash/sanitise hands on arrival.
8. Follow social distancing rules.
9. Wear appropriate PPE including goggles, visors, masks, gloves and aprons during all interaction with client. Masks, gloves and aprons will be changed after each client.
10. Clients to wear appropriate PPE during their visit.
11. Sanitise equipment after use or if touched by client.
12. Dispose all used PPE, couch rolls, tissues and cotton wools etc in a designated BIN with black bin liner.
13. Restrict client movement within clinic.
14. Washroom facilities will NOT be provided unless in case of emergency.
15. Refreshments to clients will NOT be provided.
16. Minimise use of towels.
17. Equipment between treatment rooms will NOT be moved without sanitising.
18. All areas including receptions, kitchen, treatment rooms will be wiped cleaned/sanitised regularly.
19. Sanitise door handles and banister regularly.

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