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Toning & Cellulite


ULTRATONE FUTURA PRO – The Ultimate Face & Body Toning
Single face treatment £45
Single body treatment £55
Single face and body treatment £60
Special prices offered for ULTRATONE courses. Please ask our staff

i-lipo Liposuction without surgery
Price on Consultation

Universal Contour Wrap
Medically cellulite is termed as ‘toxified fatty deposits’. The contour wrap works by drawing out toxins from around the fat cells and compressing soft fatty tissue, giving excellent and lasting inch loss, and leaving the skin toned and extremely smooth.
1 wrap (guaranteed 5 inch loss) £50
3 wraps – you can except to come down a dress size £136

G5 Massage
A gyratory machine gives a deep effective massage stimulating the circulation aiding in the elimination of pockets of fluid.

Ultimate Cellulite Treatment, Ultrasound
A painless, non-invasive treatment for cellulite. It consists of a body scrub, G5 and ultrasound.  Its benefits consists of:

Dissolves lumpy cellulite areas
Breaks down fatty deposits
Increases circulation
Remove dead skin
Aids removal of toxins
Smoothes skin texture
It really does work!
Single Treatment £40
Course of ten treatments £350